History: Who We Are

LESA is the Association of Our Lady of Lourdes Ex Students worldwide.

In 1971 the Principal of Lourdes College, Rev Sister Mary Hewson in collaboration with Hortensia Fohtung (Ngang), a student in CCAST Bambili, sent out invitations to past past students to attend a preparatory meeting for the launching of an association of all ex-students from Lourdes College.

At the first meeting the name Lourdes Ex-Students Association or LESA for short was birthed with the following LESANs elected as the first body to run LESA:
Chairperson: Rose Sikod (Ngente Tendeh)
Vice Chair: Esther Nyindem (Achu)
Organising Secretary: Hortensia Fohtung (Ngang)
Recording Secretary: Ann Forju (Atanga) RIP
Treasurer: Mary Morfaw (Atanga)

This team transitioned to the first National EXCO of the association headed by Christina Bongwa. Mabel Achu (Kume) was the next President General.
A very successful launching gala, chaired by the Governor of the North West Province, Guillaume Nseke was organised later that year in the Bamenda Community Hall to celebrate.

By the early 1980s, many past students settled down which helped grow LESA into a very strong association. A constitution was drawn up in 1982 to serve as guidelines for running the association.

The pursuit of knowledge, family reunions and other factors continue to cause past students of Lourdes college to migrate to other parts of the. By the late 1990s there were hundreds of past students overseas. Today there are hundreds of LESANs spread over numerous LESA branches in the USA, UK, Canada, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries.

Past students who pursue further education in various universities in Cameroon gather to form University Branches. These branches are required to seek guidance from and work in concert with the parent LESA branch in the town nearest to their university. The President of the nearest branch is required to provide support to the university branch and include them in quarterly meetings and other enlarged LESA events.

Branches hold regular monthly meetings following a set agenda that should cover all six LESA Objectives to the extent possible. A large gathering of LESANs comes together at least twice a year to celebrate the feast day of their Alma Mater "Our Lady of Lourdes" (February 11) and to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM)

LESA has the following Branches Worldwide:

  • LESA Bamenda (mother branch)
  • LESA Bafoussam
  • LESA Buea
  • LESA Canada
  • LESA Douala
  • LESA Kumba
  • LESA Kumbo
  • LESA Limbe
  • LESA Ndop
  • LESA Tubah
  • LESA Wum
  • LESA Yaounde
  • Independents: Special Ladies in Nigeria and South Africa


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