LESA Global AGM Douala on Mar 16!

LESA Global AGM Douala on Mar 16!


LESA GLOBAL AGM March 16th in Douala

Dear Lesan Sisters,

I greet you all in the Mighty Name of the LORD.

Your LESA Douala sisters will be most thrilled to receive you all in Douala during the weekend commencing March 16th 2012 for our Annual General Meeting.

We are very excited and look forward to a fun filled outing in the economic capital.

While we are working hard to complete all the arrangements to make your stay in Douala as happy and as hitch free as possible, we will like you to help us, by giving us information regarding the subjects below:

1. Arrival on Friday evening:  As you all know, moving from one neighborhood to another in Douala on Friday evenings is quite difficult because of the sheer volume of traffic. We will like to know those who are sure will arrive on Friday evening and those to arrive on Saturday morning. This will enable us plan rendezvous points and accommodation.

2. Accommodation: Your sisters will be most thrilled to receive you into their homes. We understand that friends will stay with friends and classmates may likely put up together. However, those who do not have accommodation should let us know so that we can arrange accommodation with other sisters who have space. We also need to know their likely dates of arrival, ie Friday evening or Saturday morning as stated above. We will also make hotel bookings and negotiate good rates for those who want to be in hotels. Details will be sent to you later. But first, we need your confirmation.

3. Event planning: Friday evening will likely be low keyed as a result of the traffic we talked about. However, We are looking at Saturday and Sunday events in the following manner:

Saturday morning – Tentative program

8AM – arrival of ladies at venue Hotel Le Nde

8.30 am – March past to the Cathedral Hall

9.00am – Arrival at The cathedral

9.30 AM – Candle light Prayers by the grotto

                Commencement ceremony - prayers

10.00 Breakfast/Refreshments.

10.30am – Meeting at the Cathedral Hall

All afternoon – Meeting

3pm – End of meeting, Lunch

4pm – Return home for gala preparations

8pm – Gala at College de la sale hall.

4  Gala Activities:

While the “baby Lesans” of Douala branch will treat you to a wonderfully presented staged dance.

Branches are encouraged to register activities of their choice with us. Fashion parade, comedies etc.

Sunday – Mass at St Joseph Parish Bonaberi at 9.00am.

We will keep updating the information as we conclude them.

Thanks and regards,


LESA Douala President

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