LESA FAMILY Golden Jubilee Pilgrimage to Rome and to Lourdes

LESA FAMILY Golden Jubilee Pilgrimage to Rome and to Lourdes


In preparation to Celebrate our Alma Mater turning 50, Lesans are planning on making a pilgrimage trip to Lourdes in France. Plans are being put in place for a tentative date in August 2012.

Dear Lesan sisters,
As part of our spiritual prep for the jubilee, a proposal was tabled at our Enlarged Exco of Nov 2011 on the above- cited topic. The idea was bought and branch presidents were to share this info at branch level so that those interested could sign sign up.
Since then, Ms Cinta Chia, Bda branch president and coordinator of this project has been in communication with the branches and interested Lesans, building up the lists and sharing info.
Ground work with regard to full cost-flight, lodging, feeding, is still underway. If this dream is to be realised in August 2012, it is important to give this exercise more urgent attention.

For more details, those interested can get in touch with Ms Cinta Chia on 77684735/ cinchia54@yahoo.com or with me by email or on 77615070, if you can not reach her.
Updates will be given at the AGM as things evolve but success in this plan of "grand ambition" depends on how fast interested Lesan Pilgrims act!!!
If only 10 pilgrims succeed in reaching France, they will take all our petitions along !!!! 
Diaspora pilgrims are requested to register as well so the planning includes them, especially at the level of lodging/transportation!

May God bless and bring our plans to fruition, Amen.

Chindo Emilia Fonkem
National President

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