Our Lady of Lourdes Staff Quarters Upgrade


Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School has grown by leaps and bounds in student population within the last decade to almost a thousand students. It is paramount and urgent for the immediate focus of stakeholders to be geared towards the security and safety of the students. In 2013, Lourdes College will be celebrating its fiftieth anniversary. It is 50 years of academic excellence for girls in Cameroon. The current staff residence is sub-standard and ill-equipped and can only house (a couple) of staff members.
We invite you to join the ex-students of Our Lady of Lourdes to upgrade the existing staff quarters to house at least 10 more faculty on campus who will ensure the security of the students on campus. The goal is to surround the campus with multiple units around the various dormitories to guarantee at least a couple of staff members in charge of each student dormitory.
Student population approaching 1000 for both the secondary and high school.


This project is estimated to cost $105,000 or XCFA 50 000 000. LESAN’s across the globe are working collectively to raise these funds. We trust and pray that with your benevolent support we will attain this goal. Our track record for successful and sustainable projects in Lourdes speaks for itself.

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